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You've written an awesome book, and you're ready to publish it. Perhaps you don't have the technical skills or the desire to go through all the hoops required to publish on Amazon and iBooks. Turquoise Rose can help you turn your dream book into a reality.

We publish books in all genres. Penned an autobiography? Created a mystery? A suspense novel? Maybe a self-help guide? With Turquoise Rose you can get proofreading, formatting for submission to Amazon paperback and Kindle, or Apple iBooks, cover design, ISBN for each format desired, Amazon sales page, and more. Just choose your package.

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Recent Releases

We are excited to announce the release of Jerry Evans' latest book, The Healthy House Quest - Finding and Building Housing for Someone with Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivities.

From the Back Cover

When Jerry Evans got full-blown chemical and electrical hypersensitivity, he could no longer live in his home and had to move away. This is the story of his multi-year search for a place to live and the affordable house he eventually had built in rural Arizona.

The Healthy House Quest

Jerry Evans details his adventures building a healthy house in the high desert of Northern Arizona near the town of Snowflake. Jerry has suffered years of devastating illness from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS). As the story of his quest for his own place in the world unfolds, he finds a community of fellow survivors, learns how to build healthy housing, and finally finds stability, peace, and a place to call home.